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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Cape Coral SEO Company

Lost in Cyberspace?

Perhaps you’re perplexed why more people can’t seem to find your website. Or maybe you continue to end up at the bottom of search engine result lists even though your products and services are fairly unique.

The answer could point back to search engine optimization, or lack thereof. Best-known under the acronym SEO, search engine optimization refers to the practice of ensuring your site can be easily found by search engines as well as your potential customers. The latter is particularly crucial. You’re not bound to get a lot of business if people looking for your products or services continue to have no clue you even exist.

SEO is an ongoing process that typically involves many small changes and enhancements to your website that, when taken as a whole, can produce huge results for your brand. Your results can be grander still with the help of Upton Technology Group.

Get Found, Get Results 

As with anything, there’s a right way and wrong way to go about SEO. The right way involves using strategic solutions that bring you measurable results.

The wrong way often involves quick and shady techniques, such as keyword stuffing, stocking your site with meaningless links and other smarmy practices all geared at gaining the No. 1 slot on the search page. Paying too much attention to pleasing search engines often means you’re not paying enough attention to your potential customer base. You want to pop up in organic searches done by real, live people, not just crawlers assessing your site.

Upton Technology Group’s SEO marketing team uses best practices and ethical tactics, many of which are promoted by Google itself. We focus on gaining you ground in organic searches that cater to consumers looking for what you offer. This doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy high rankings on search engine pages, as that’s generally one of the benefits of doing SEO right.

SEO Tweaks that Can Boost Your Brand

We can help you boost your brand’s online visibility with any number of techniques, depending on where you currently stand. These can include:

  • Distinctive and accurate page titles
  • Use of meta tags
  • Improving site and URL structures
  • Optimizing content and use of images
  • Strong anchor text and heading tags
  • SEO for mobile
  • Best practices for website promotion
  • Analysis with online tools

Contact us today for more info, a review of your current SEO strategies, and help with getting results by getting found.

Some additional marketing services we offer:

Pay Per Click

Managed ad campaigns on Google or Facebook.

Reputation Mgmt.

Monitor and grow your reputation online.

Social Media Mgmt.

Managed social campaigns to build brand & audience.

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