The basics of search engine optimization aren’t all that hard to master. You need to carefully choose your keywords, and keep your website marketing updated with fresh content. Generate links to your website from other places, and try to make sure that other places are talking about you. This is a pretty surefire method for search engine optimization success…assuming that you’re not in a particularly competitive field. Unfortunately, most search engine marketing takes place in a very competitive field. In order to experience the highest degree of success, you have to take everything you do to a higher level. You need to go above and beyond regular search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization Extra Credit #1: Create On-Site Articles

Basic search engine marketing requires that your website have relevant content. Going above and beyond means that you don’t just limit yourself to webpages for that content; you put it in a slightly more formal and more didactic format, the on-site article. On-site articles can have a slight promotional slant, but they should be written primarily from a position of teaching the reader. For example, a graphic design company might publish an on-site article about how to effectively communicate with your graphic design company, or how to choose the right company for the reader’s needs. The topics are virtually endless.

These on-site articles should be written with search engine optimization in mind. They should feature the right keywords, and should link to other pages on your site as well. Consider them as part of your website’s overall search engine marketing strategy, because that’s exactly how the search engines themselves will see the pages.

Search Engine Optimization Extra Credit #2: Search Engine Marketing Press Releases

Most people know that article marketing and publication is a big part of search engine optimization. It’s a great way to get others linking to your site, and it helps set your company as a thought leader within your field. There’s another way to drive backlinks which offers another great benefit: search engine optimization press releases, which can get picked up by major news organizations.

There are many different options for publicizing your press release. It need not be quite as keyword dense as a typical webpage in order to achieve its search engine marketing goals; what matters more is the keyword links and press contact section that you include. Deciding where to submit your search engine marketing press release can be a bit of a challenge, and we recommend that you ask an expert before you spend any money on press release submissions.

Search Engine Optimization Extra Credit #3: Landing Pages

Local search engine marketing is all about showing your local clientele that you are uniquely qualified to understand their specific needs. The more local you can get with your keywords the better, but it’s often impractical to build your entire site around one very specific local area. It would exclude everyone outside that area, and generally would do more harm than good.

Instead of targeting a specific area throughout your site, create a page for each area and choose your keywords carefully. With the right search engine marketing strategy, you can ensure that these pages are the first thing a local searcher will see in the results. They click that link and see that you’re a local company, and then they’re forwarded to your larger site with more general keywords. The local feeling remains, yet you don’t have the drawbacks of completely local search engine marketing.

There’s A Lot More To It

This is only scratching the surface of more detailed search engine marketing. There are many things that should be done alongside simple search engine optimization to help maximize the return on your investment. They aren’t hard, but they can be difficult to organize if you’re new to search engine marketing in general. Upton Technology can help you determine the best options for your company, and we’ll also help you implement and manage everything as you continue to develop your website.