Oftentimes, when organizations begin their website marketing efforts, they focus most of their advertorial attention on external resources and entities. Yes, they successfully and systematically work through the search engine marketing checklist of free and fee services that help push their home pages to the top of the browser search results. However, many businesses often stop here and fail to tap into their most valuable website marketing weapon: their web design. Savvy business owners understand that in order to successfully tap into the formidable force that Internet advertising delivers to companies of every scope, they must create a perfect promotional storm that includes these external website marketing options as well as solid, intuitive web design for optimal results.


Let Your Web Design Work For You: Key Factors To Consider In Your Business Homepage


At Upton Technology Group, our staff of highly-trained web design professionals understands the critical factors that help take a web design from mediocre browser placement to a meteoric rise to the top of the search engine lists. We strive to incorporate the following criteria in all our web design projects to help ensure that every client receives a comprehensive and customized website marketing campaign.


User Speed: It’s no secret that online consumers demand instant gratification when perusing virtual wares. Based on this “snooze and lose” mentality, a slow loading site not only proves irritating, but it can actually cost you sales. The team at Upton Technology Group draws on our extensive design experience to make sure your customer’s need for speed is never compromised.


Consumer Intuition: Sure, fast click response times are great. But our team understands that a web design is only as good as its ability to easily direct clients to where they need to be. Partnering with us means putting a high priority on your business site’s ease of use.


A Demographically Targeted Interface: Every business has a specific client demographic that it caters to. Upton Technology Group partners with our clients to fully understand their sought after audience. From there we can create a customized interface that truly resonates with your consumer base.


Secure Procurement: When it comes to eCommerce, security and consumer protection plays a critical role in establishing your business’s credibility and earning your buyer’s trust. One security breech can be all it takes to steer your clients to the competition. At Upton Technology Group, we take your web design security seriously and ensure that clients have the safest buying experience possible.


Finally, beyond the user interface of your web design, Upton Technology Group works hard to create a multidimensional and all-encompassing website marketing initiative. Teaming up with our seasoned consulting staff can help your business leverage every online opportunity and ensure no low hanging promotional fruit gets left un-harvested. From quality content, blogs, press releases, PPC campaigns and more, we help our clients generate an Internet buzz that drives user traffic back to a web design that will help close sales.