When it comes to establishing an online presence, businesses in every industry recognize that search engine optimization is a proven resource. Here are four ways you can use your business blog as a part of your overall search engine optimization plan. The result is increased online visibility, higher ranks in the search engines, and a following that recognizes you as a thought leader in your industry.

Upton Technology Group: Experts In The Search Engine Optimization Benefits Of Blogs

At Upton Technology Group, our team of website marketing experts understands that creating a business blog can play a significant role in a well-executed search engine optimization plan. Easy to create and establish and relatively inexpensive, a blog can quickly help a business put themselves on the online map. While it’s no secret that a blog can make a major impact in a short time span, it’s important to wield its power wisely. Understanding four critical factors when going live with your company blog can make all the difference between being a mere face in the crowd or actually standing head and shoulders above the competition.

Compelling Content: Just like other online copy used for website marketing and search engine optimization purposes, it’s vital to only post blog pieces that contain informative and engaging content. Never arbitrarily stuff a piece with relevant keywords at the expense of the message. While your company may receive an initial traffic uptick with stuffed pieces, the overall results of the website marketing campaign can get diluted quickly. Need another reason to write compelling content? Your blog should be more than just an SEO tool. Its purpose should be to inform and educate your current and potential customers. Write content they actually want to read, and you will soon have avid followers that consider you a thought leader in your industry.

Post Often: Want to dominate the search engines for your industry niche? Post new blog articles frequently. Browser algorithms actually seek out fresh Internet copy and weigh it heavily when determining which site shows up first. Unlike standard websites that only allow for a specific page count as it relates to your business, a blog delivers infinite publishing opportunities.

Always Fill Out Title Tags and Meta Descriptions: Both the title tag and meta description are searched by the browsers as additional means to determine the content of the piece. Utilizing these blog sections will further entice the browser algorithms to notice your company as more than a passing blip on the Internet radar. Failing to include these two sections translates directly into missing a major website marketing opportunity.

Include Backlinks: Backlinks provide clickable text within the online copy that channels Internet viewers to a specifically targeted page on your website. Always include at least two backlinks in every online blog post. For maximum search engine optimization, always include two different backlinks and attach them to two different keyword phrases. To further leverage this powerful website marketing technique, strategically align your business with other organizations and develop a backlink exchange campaign. Having your company’s backlinks showcased on other blogs broadens the overall search engine optimization impact.

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