Whether you’re finally ready to start a website for your business or you’ve been an Internet presence for years but want to spice up your current site, the proper web design is crucial to your success. A successful site has several key elements, including creativity, functionality, search engine optimization, and a great web design. Fort Myers businesses often turn to designers who specialize in crafting unusual, eye-catching sites, use a different company to provide content, and host their site through yet another company. It can be confusing and lead to problems as your business moves forward. Why? Because when the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, things can get tricky.

There are full service web design companies that provide everything from web hosting to search engine marketing. These should be your first choice when you’re putting together a business website for a number or reasons:

1. There are fewer unpleasant surprises when the same company designs and implements your website

Have you ever worked with an individual or company that created a great web design on paper, then discovered that they couldn’t follow through on the delivery? A great concept is nice until you find out that the concept isn’t workable. If you work with a company that promises an amazing design but doesn’t do all of their work in-house, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. They may come back to you and explain that the programmers they hired to actually write their code and put together the nuts and bolts of the site have told them the design isn’t feasible or practical, or that it will cost much more than originally estimated. A full service web design company doesn’t have to sub-contract to others for the execution of a design, saving steps and ensuring from step one that the design is workable.

2.  A full service web design company understands the important of navigation

Don’t choose a company based solely on an attractive web design. Cape Coral business owners know that navigation is crucial to success. If the navigation is too complex or lacks an intuitive element, a pretty web design won’t keep visitors on your site. They’ll leave because they are confused or frustrated. A great web design will allow visitors to move seamlessly from page to page, following links that make sense and work well together.

3. Combining web design, hosting, and service means your website is always a priority

People who use a separate company for web design, web hosting, and technical support soon run into a wall of frustration when they discover any type of a glitch. If you host your site on a third party site and your site goes down, you may discover that getting your site up and running isn’t the priority it should be. The host company sees your website as an anonymous presence that simply resides on a server, one of hundreds. Technical issues can also become a problem when you’re using a service company that has no familiarity with your web design and navigation. Do you really want someone who has no knowledge of your web design poking around in it? When you choose a single company for everything from web design to technical support, you can be sure your site will always be a priority. Everyone working to keep your site up and running smoothly will be familiar with your site and how it should perform.

4. Search engine marketing will be seamless

A great web design doesn’t stop with what’s on the actual website. Search engine marketing moves beyond search engine optimization of the site to include Internet articles, blog posts and other marketing solutions. If you use a search engine marketing company that has designed and developed your website, you can be sure they understand your marketing needs as well as the style and structure of your site. Intimate knowledge of every aspect of your web design will lead to exceptional marketing results.

Upton Technology Group can provide you with everything from web design to technical service and support. You can be confident that every task from web hosting to website marketing will be a priority with our one-stop website solutions.