It’s easy for most companies to see how web design and pure website marketing are important parts of the overall online marketing scheme. However, although they are important, they are not so important that other things should be overlooked. We’ll talk about some of the other options beyond website marketing, including social media, blogs, and more.

Web Design Is Just The Beginning

Everything flows from a good web design. With a strong web design, your customers will know exactly who you are whenever they encounter your company or products. The primary role of website marketing is to promote your company to everyone who sees it. Ensuring that the promotion is memorable is a key to having high impact. Whatever else you decide to do, be it social marketing, blogs, pay per click, or anything else, starting with good web design is always a good idea.

Social Media Adds A Lot Of Traffic

Social media is one of the newest and fastest developing website marketing tools online. Social media allows you to directly communicate with your fans or customers, while simultaneously offering you the chance to have anything you post go viral. Going viral means that it will be naturally passed along by the people that read your original. Viral is one of the best things that can happen for a company because it offers essentially free publicity. While it is possible for something not inherently viral to become viral through being put on the internet by the people who want to share, it’s a better idea to start it out on the internet yourself. This can be done either through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (in some cases) or YouTube. All of these and more are strong places to start promoting a company through social media.

Pay Per Click Ads

If your company doesn’t want to wait for search engine optimization to reach its full potential, pay per click ads are a great addition to your website marketing. They are relatively inexpensive and can often be paid on demand, ensuring that you never overspend your budget. In addition, they will attract attention alongside the regular search results for your chosen terms. The end result is similar to search engine optimization, although the two are distinct.

Properly Using Blogs

Blogs can be a great way to reach your visitors in a format that’s slightly less formal than an open letter from the CEO or a simple website page. Posting a blog allows you to provide constant updated content, which is always a plus for the search engines. In addition, it’s a good way to add something new each week and keep your visitors interested.

All of these elements can – and should – work in harmony with your web design and website marketing. When used together, they will always become stronger as one naturally permits more linking to the other, and vice versa. Creating a comprehensive plan from the beginning is wise, and simply planning different stages will help keep costs down. Upton Technology Group can help you determine all the specifics of your website marketing, including web design, web development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and more.