Although content is the single most important element of search engine optimization, many search engine marketing companies overlook an important element: the actual web design of your company’s online presence. There are many technical adjustments which must be made in order for any web design to maximize availability to search engines. In addition, there are visual tweaks which can help appeal to the new audience that your search engine optimization brings. Being aware of these and implementing them on your website will be a major help to your search engine marketing strategy.

Web Design Could Be Hiding Your Webpage From Search Engines

Unless your website was created by a company that knows the rules of search engine optimization, you could have elements within the code of your website that makes it hide from search engines. Google, Yahoo!, and Bing all allow developers to temporarily opt out of having their web design projects listed in search engines by having them marked as noindex or nofollow. That simply means that the search engines won’t index that page, and won’t count links from that page in their ranking calculations.

The first thing you should do before starting a search engine marketing campaign is make sure that none of these markers have been placed in the code for your website. You want the search engines to be finding your page and indexing it for their rankings. Otherwise, your search engine optimization efforts won’t be successful. Most web design companies will have at least some knowledge of search engine optimization techniques, but it’s always wise to check for the presence of these tags before starting your search engine marketing.

Creating A Web Page With The Right Appeal

Your web design is the backdrop for your search engine optimization. The words are what really tell the story and drive the sale, but the strongest search engine marketing goes beyond just text. It includes a full examination of current web design to determine whether or not you want to make changes. Successful search engine optimization will draw in a totally new group of visitors. They are less likely to know your company, and less likely to be specialists in your product field. An overly specialized or niche web design may counteract the effects of your search engine optimization strategy by driving them away.

When we suggest search engine marketing packages, we always try to include some form of web design evaluation. The best search engine marketing web design will include a detailed look at your industry, especially if you’re looking to break into a new market or a new market segment. Understanding the details of the new market and creating a web design based on that will help you ensure that you make the most of the new traffic generated by your search engine optimization.   

Whether you’re looking to add search engine marketing to an already existing web design, or want to start from scratch, Upton Technology Group can help you make the most of your online presence. We will ensure that every element of your web design is search engine optimization friendly, and that you’re using the right search engine marketing techniques to really drive traffic.