In the early days of the internet, companies would create websites that looked like personal vanity sites. It was all about outbound marketing strategies back then, before marketers realized the lead generating, inbound marketing power only the internet could provide.


Today, websites are no longer online versions of your company brochure – when done correctly, a good website is a lead generation powerhouse. While it might be easier to create a lead generation website from the ground up, you can certainly retrofit your existing website to get more qualified leads than your company can handle.


Pages with a purpose


Create each page, especially a lead generation page, with a specific purpose in mind. If the purpose of a page is to collect emails, for example, design the page so that the signup form is clearly visible “above the fold,” meaning the visitor can see the form without scrolling down the webpage. Determine the elements each page should contain then place these elements on the page, in order of importance. Each page will have a slightly different layout, but all should feature a prominent signup form.


Every lead generation page should always contain:


Signup form

Your brand name or message

Your contact information

Quality content



Signup form


The signup form is the meat and potatoes of every lead generation page – collecting information is the reason you create a lead generation website. Keep signup forms as simple as possible to encourage participation.


Your brand name


Display your brand name on every page, especially lead generation pages. This helps build brand loyalty and boosts confidence during signups.


Quality content


Visitors are not likely to part with their personal information unless you give them something in return. They want videos, infographics, blogs, case studies, eBooks and more. High quality content returns a greater number of leads.


Your contact information


People are often reluctant to give out personal information to strangers. Post your company’s information in a prominent place on every lead generation page. Include company name, telephone number, physical location and pictures of the employees whenever possible.




Most people cannot resist the temptation to click buttons – satisfy that urge with plenty of calls-to-action. For best results, use the phrase “Click here” for more information, to sign up, to view another video, etc. Give clear instructions to receive maximum information.


Lead generation websites are easy to create and can have a robust return on investment. Incorporate these lead generation tips into your company website to boost your online marketing ROI today.