From the inception of search engine marketing, local search engine optimization has always been a recognized subset of the overall market. Local search engine optimization works somewhat differently from non-local search engine marketing, and they appeal somewhat to different client bases. Understanding the differences between local website marketing and non-local – especially understanding what will and won’t show up for different search terms – can be a key element of designing a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy.

What Is Local Search Engine Optimization?

In the past, local search engine marketing could be hit or miss because it could only target people who searched for those specific terms. Now, if someone does a generic search without location based terms, search engines like Google will detect their location and provide relevant website marketing links to nearby matches. The connection between local search engine optimization and non-local keywords has been further strengthened with the introduction of things like Google Places, which allows you to connect your business location with Google’s maps and with your website marketing.

What Kind Of Keywords Does Local Search Engine Marketing Use?

Local search engine optimization focuses on similar keywords to non-local marketing. Both of them will emphasize keywords that people searching for your company will naturally use; local search engine marketing will simply have a stronger emphasis on adding local keywords into the mix.

One of the most difficult parts of local website marketing is actually deciding what precise keywords you want to be using. The same kinds of tests need to be run as would be necessary for normal search engine optimization, including extensive keyword mapping. Most regions with a fairly decent level of population have several keywords that can apply to the same location, and there may also be keywords applying to a larger area that still merit use for your search engine optimization. A company needs some pretty significant experience working with local search engine marketing in order to ensure that the correct keywords are targeted. Proper targeting is trickier with local search than national website marketing.

Can You Do Local And National Website Marketing?

Yes, you can – and often should – use both types of search engine optimization to your advantage. The best way to make that happen is through landing pages, which provide a specific focus page for each region you serve. In addition, claiming your business on Google and setting up a Places page can be a valuable way to establish yourself as a local presence. Depending on how local you are, you might want to focus your entire website marketing strategy around appealing to a local audience. This works particularly well for businesses that have no real way to serve a market outside their home location, such as restaurants and other service-based businesses.

Upton Technology can help your business balance strong local search engine optimization with the appropriate amount of national website marketing. The two can be a powerful combo, and our experts will help them work to their best for your company. If you have questions about local search engine marketing or nationwide strategies, or would like to get started, contact us for more information.