At Upton Technology Group, our team of search engine optimization/web design specialists recognizes the benefits establishing an online presence delivers to our clients. Regardless of specialties and services, companies in virtually every industry not only need to create their online reputation and image as part of their overall brand, they must also successfully sustain the results offered by search engine optimization and other Internet marketing efforts. Easier said than done, right?

Local Search Engine Optimization Efforts Deliver Results

According to search engine giant, Google, nearly 20% of all browser searches are based on location. This regionally specific search trend lends substantial credibility and potency to both local SEO and web design techniques. At Upton Technology Group, our staff of highly-trained search engine optimization specialists has been successfully incorporating the important benefits of a local SEO approach to help our clients consistently dominate area specific browser searches. In short, while most businesses struggle to gain traction competing with the global masses, the team at Upton Technology Group helps our clients cast their promotional line directly in the local consumer pool for optimal impact.

Key Elements To Consider In Your Local Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Like any online advertorial effort, separating the superficial from the substantial proves critical to overall success. Always partner with a reputable SEO/web design provider that can ensure your team incorporates proven strategies specifically customized to your business’s particular needs to help achieve maximize return on investments. When working with your chosen search engine optimization professional to design your local SEO campaign, always include the following techniques in some capacity to keep your campaign on track to yield the most positive results.

Claim Your Local SEO Profile: Most reputable search engine optimization teams will secure your business’s local SEO profile on your behalf. If not, simply check out sites such as Google Places, Yahoo Places and Bing Local to fill out the information and verify your free business account.

Localize Your Business Web Design: Your business web design plays a major role in the success of any local search engine optimization initiative. Every page should have location specific keywords as well as a full mailing address within the footer. Also, in addition to any 800 phone numbers associated with your company, your web design should also tout a local area code. Don’t have a local phone number? Put it on your business to-do list, stat!

Participate In Directory Submissions: Locally specific directories are a powerful tool in every regionalized search engine optimization campaign. Always ask your SEO consulting firm the number of directories that they submit to. Also, be sure that they submit to more than just the biggest names in the game. Casting a wide submission net can play a crucial role in your initiative’s achievements.

Embrace Reviews: Reviews are an excellent way to help with area-specific SEO efforts. Some businesses feel reluctant to use reviews in fear of receiving a poor response. However, it’s important to remember that, ultimately, there’s really no such thing as a bad review when it comes to local search engine optimization results. Browsers factor in how often your business is talked about online and even a little negative press here and there helps contribute to your company’s quest for browser dominance.