Facebook now has more than a billion users and they are all hungry to hear what your company has to offer. Well, maybe not all one billion Facebook users will buy your product but, if you use this social media platform correctly, you can covert a lot of Facebook fans into buying customers. While Facebook does offer pay-to-play options to promote your company, you can harness the power of Facebook without spending a dime.

Post Frequently

Post at different times of day and night, especially if you target an international audience. Fortunately, Facebook has an app that lets you schedule posts up to six months in advance. Be aware, however, that viewers will think someone actually typed the post moments before – some people might be upset if they post a comment and you do not reply right away. To schedule a Facebook post, type the information or choose a photo or video as normal. Then click on the icon that looks like a clock face, appearing in the bottom left corner.


Encourage Participation

Gather feedback about a new project by asking viewers for comments. Better still, hold a contest or ask fans to vote on ideas. Facebook can help you determine what you customers really want.


Paint A Thousand Words

Post pictures. Facebook posts containing photos get 53 percent more “Likes” than plain text posts, according to HubSpot.

Make Converts

Use Facebook to convert Likes into email recipients and, ultimately, paying customers. People are more likely to buy from you when they feel like they are part of an exclusive club who share a passion for your product.

Be A Facebook User

Create a personal Facebook account so you can see how marketing strategies look from a consumer’s point of view. Use your personal Facebook account to view your competitor’s pages and to look at your own with a new perspective. Having a personal Facebook account also gives you a place to experiment with ideas and Facebook gadgets without posting them on your company account.

You can also use this Facebook page to create posts on pages your business account could not access. For example, the official Facebook account for a local cafe might not be able to post its menu in a closed community group but the restaurant owner could say, “Sunrise Restaurant is having a special on Eggs Benedict today.”

Never Forget The CTA Button

Place a Call-to-Action on your Facebook posts to visit your company website and vice versa. Offer more information, invite your fans to watch videos, fill out a form, or take part in a contest or poll. Be sure to put a “Like” button on every page of your website.

Social media is a powerful and cost effective marketing tool if you know how to use it. Login to Facebook today to increase your ROI on your online marketing strategy.