Google Plus is certainly not the most popular platform out there when compared to Facebook, the king of social media networks. However, this is one of the only social media networks that can directly impact your search engine rankings. If your organization has not already adopted a Google Plus strategy, then you should strongly consider doing so. Your content is much more likely to gain exposure as followers vote for and share your links with their own networks.

The Power of +1 Votes

Searchmetrics, an SEO analytics company released a report demonstrating that the +1 votes have the highest correlation to search rank listings, surpassing other factors such as Facebook likes, tweets, and backlinks. In fact, whenever someone gives your content a +1 vote on Google, it influences that user’s search results along with their followers’ search results. This can quickly lead to a ripple effect, and your content can be amplified as more circles gain exposure to your content, click on the +1 button, and spread it to other new circles. This is critical for companies that are trying to reach beyond their typical audiences.

Personalized Search

People with Google accounts can also gain exposure to your company’s content and resources through Google’s personalized search options. Essentially, page listings and rankings fluctuate depending on a user’s search history and browsing tendencies. If your listings target specific online demographics, then your listing is apt to appear higher in these audiences’ search listings. Personalized search features don’t just affect a user’s Web search listings – it also influences what consumers see in Google Images too.

Google Circles

A user’s search engine listings will also fluctuate based on whom they have in their circles. Two separate people could log into their respective accounts, type the same query, and receive very different listings. Google will prioritize content posted from accounts in these people’s circles, customizing listings so that they are more personally relevant for each user. When your fans add you to their circles, it boosts your credibility on Google Plus. Generally, the more circles you are a part of, the higher your search engine listings go.

The ability to boost your organization’s search engine listings is a tremendous incentive to use Google Plus. You will need a strong content strategy involving relevant and compelling content to increase circle additions and +1 votes. Adding Google Plus engagement awareness to your SEO arsenal can greatly increase your audience exposure