Lead generating websites create a sales pipeline: you post interesting content that captures the attention of potential clients then invite them to sign up for even more great content. For example, you can provide a link at the end of each blog that takes the reader to a downloadable offer. This link takes the reader to a landing page where he fills out a form, usually with name, email address and that sort of information. While the concept of lead generating websites is straightforward, creating one can be a little complicated.


You can use lead generating websites to identify and reach out to a larger number of qualified customers. You know these leads are highly interested in your product because they took time to fill out the form.


Identify Your Best Content

Review your website statistics to determine your most popular content. Link your most popular content to landing pages that contain forms that visitors can fill out to receive more content or product offers.


Create More Pages Containing Popular Content

Now that you indentified your most popular content, create more pages that contain that type of content. Add more pages containing how-to videos, for example, or write industry-specific blogs if your website visitors seem to enjoy them. Images and infographics are gaining in popularity, so be sure your website has plenty of visual appeal.


Create Landing Pages

Create landing pages with a clear opportunity to sign up for more great content. A landing page should contain a compelling headline, a description of the offer, and a form. Add in a few graphics and company information to create a visually appealing page but avoid filling up the page too much – you want to keep the focus on filling out the form.


The form should be short and easy to fill out. Try to strike a balance between the amount of information you gather and the fact that nobody really likes filling out forms.


Create A Call-To-Action

The Call-to-Action, or CTA, is the link that takes web visitors from a content page to a landing page. A CTA can be in the form of text or a graphic button.


Place CTAs In Strategic Places

Place these CTAs in strategic places on your content pages. Always put at least one CTA “above the fold,” where a website visitor can see it without having to scroll down the page. Put another CTA at the bottom of the page.


Create A Thank You Page

Create a Thank You page that appears after someone successfully signs up for an offer. A simple Thank You page lets your customer know his form submission was successful and provides you another opportunity to offer more content. Consider adding a link that says, “Click here for more great content.”


Set Up Workflows To Manage Incoming Leads


You will need to develop some sort of system to manage incoming leads. One person can probably manually process half dozen submissions a week but you may need form submission software if your lead generation website is a huge success.


A standard company website is like showing a brochure to a potential client – information flows in one direction from you to the customer. A lead generating website is more like a conversation, where you learn about the client while she learns about you. Create a lead generating website today to increase your customer base tomorrow.