You invest a lot of time and money in your company website but, unless you focus on its return on investment, you may not reap the benefits of an online presence. Here are a few tips for improving your website’s marketing ROI.


Get A Good Domain Name

It costs just as much to have a good website name as it does to own a lousy domain. Keep it short and easy to remember.


Plaster Your Domain Name Everywhere

You pay the same for domain registration whether you get one visitor per month or one million. Plaster your URL on all your marketing material, from printing it on brochures to saying the name of your website when you make videos.


Improve Your Page Rank On Search Engines

Improve your website’s ROI by increasing the number of visitors to it. One of the best ways to do this is to raise your website’s ranking in search engine results. According to Chitka Insights, sites listed on the first page of a Google search command 91.5 percent of all web traffic – this means that only 8.5 percent of searchers even bother looking at results posted on page two.


Your goal is to put your website in the top spot for your most important search terms. On average, the top three results of a Google search get more than 60 percent of the click-throughs. The first website listed on a Google search will usually get 33 percent of the clicks and number two will get about 18 percent.


Provide Great Content

Give your visitors something interesting to see or do once they arrive at your website. Put up blogs, videos, Twitter and Facebook posts, event information and more. Always provide visitors an opportunity to sign up for more great content, as this gives you an opportunity to identify strong leads.


Enable Social Sharing

Let your fans spread the word by enabling social sharing. Invite visitors to tweet about your content on Twitter or click on the Facebook “Like” and “Share” buttons. If enough people share your content, it might even “go viral” to reach thousands, if not millions of interested customers.


Create A Mobile Version

According to IDC, smartphones will represent 70.5 percent of all connected devices by the year 2017. Many websites do not work well for smartphones because of small screens and slow download speeds. Increase your website ROI by creating mobile-friendly content that looks good on all devices.


Make Navigation Easy

Nobody likes feeling lost, especially on a website, and lost web visitors will leave a confusing site before they purchase from it. Improve your website’s ROI by retaining traffic long enough to make a sale. Make navigation easy and provide plenty of opportunities to get back to the home page or other main pages. Create pages that look alike, with navigation buttons always in the same convenient and predictable locations.


Keep It Fresh

Load up landing pages with fresh, relevant content. Since the advent of Twitter, web users expect up-to-the-minute information on the websites they visit. The more you invest in your company website, the more likely you will receive a great return on investment.