The press release is a classic component of marketing plans, and has been since long before search engine optimization, and even since before the internet. In the web age, press releases have once again taken on a central role as part of search engine marketing. When used correctly, they will promote your company, announce new business endeavors or developments, and help boost search engine optimization by helping you rank highly on major search engines for your chosen terms. You’ll get media attention from bloggers and other players in your industry’s new media, enhancing your other search engine marketing efforts.

Website Marketing Press Release Basics

At its core, a modern search engine optimization press release is really quite similar to the press releases in use 20 years ago, just updated to take advantage of everything the web has to offer. 20 years ago, a press release was intended to be read by the press only, and whether or not the public ever learned of its contents was up to the journalists. Today, a search engine marketing press release can — and should — be made widely available to your website visitors. There are several reasons why this publicity is so good for your company’s search engine marketing strategy.

Today’s Media Is More Than Mainstream Journalists

In today’s world, bloggers and other independent, nontraditional news sources are a major source of exposure for companies. It’s not possible to personally send your search engine optimization press release to every writer that should see it, and if you try that method, your news may never reach audiences that would appreciate it. Proper search engine optimization will ensure that bloggers are able to find you independently as they naturally seek out news in their area of interest. When they find your website, an archive of your search engine marketing press releases will help them learn about (and therefore write about) your company. When they write about you, they link to your website, helping build valuable backlinks that boost your search engine optimization.

Content To Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

Additionally, having the press releases on your website will only help your overall search engine optimization endeavors by providing highly relevant content. Press releases may not be as keyword rich as optimized content, but they still help the overall density of your site, provide new text, and add links, all good signs in the eyes of a search engine.

Choosing Topics For A Search Engine Marketing Press Release

You are virtually guaranteed to see a benefit to your website marketing from an optimized press release, yet many companies write far too few of them for one simple reason: they have trouble identifying good topics. In the age of microblogging and social media, virtually anything can become newsworthy and deserving of a press release. If you hire new staff, complete a new project, announce a new venture, or issue an official reaction to a piece of news within your industry, write about it in a search engine marketing press release. Well crafted content will always boost your recognition and brand identity in your market, even if the topic of the press release is less than exciting. 

Using SEO press releases can greatly boost the effectiveness of your website marketing. When used correctly, this tool is an excellent addition to your overall search engine optimization strategy.