How To Take Advantage Of Social Media To Increase The Impact Of Your Search Engine Optimization

Social media marketing is a well-known website marketing technique, and can be quite effective in its own right. Using websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote your business can net you many new clients while also building up a desirable brand image and camaraderie with your customers. Adding social media to your website marketing strategy is an intelligent choice for these reasons, but you might not recognize an additional benefit that social media can provide: when used properly, it’s a big boost to your search engine optimization and to search engine marketing.

Basics Of Web Marketing With Social Media

If you have been involved with web marketing programs in the recent past, you have certainly heard of websites such as Facebook and Twitter. These social media sites provide a rare direct interface with your clients, allowing your company to interact directly with the people who buy your products. You can determine what they’re thinking, what they want, and most importantly, what strengths and weaknesses they see in your company. There is no web marketing tool quite as powerful for understanding candid, balanced customer opinion.

Integrating Social Media And Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing work hand in hand with social media marketing even when the two are not directly intertwined. They both promote your company in different ways, and can have quite a strong impact. Combining them makes both of them more effective. The primary way to combine search engine optimization and social media is by promoting new search engine marketing content like blog posts and articles through posts on social media websites.

Let’s take a new article your company publishes as an example. The article is part of your search engine marketing program, so it’s been properly optimized for carefully chosen keywords. It might be posted on a third party objective article marketing site, or it might be hosted on your own website as part of your helpful information for visitors. You could simply put it up, and trust the search engines to make it shine and reach your intended audience. Search engine optimization will eventually cause it to be successful, but the process can take time. Instead, you should make it reach your target audience faster by announcing it on Facebook and Twitter.

Announce Search Engine Marketing Content Via Social Media, But Don’t Promote Heavily

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make it to focus on promoting their search engine optimization content rather than simply announcing it. The primary purpose of search engine marketing content like this is to inform your clients — selling your products is an auxiliary benefit. That focus should be reflected in the promotions you put on Facebook and Twitter. You are placing the announcements there simply so your followers, friends, and fans know the information is available to them. You should avoid excessive promotion. Leave that to your persuasive search engine optimization content elsewhere on your website. The role of Twitter and Facebook is to inform potential clients, not to immediately make a sale.

Combining Facebook, Twitter, and search engine marketing creates a powerful cocktail for any website marketing program. Adding a social media promotion for your search engine optimization content entails almost no additional expenses and can have a big positive impact.