When first implementing a search engine marketing / search engine optimization campaign, the promotional options can feel overwhelming. Yes, search engine optimization has truly validated itself as a viable advertorial method capable of yielding unparalleled results. However, there is a lengthy list of online promotional tactics to choose from when creating a business’ ideal marketing mix. Finding out which ones make the most sense for your company can feel daunting, especially if you are making your initial foray into the search engine marketing arena.


Search Engine Optimization Tactics To Avoid When Building Your Campaign



If you find yourself tasked with compiling your business’ search engine marketing initiative, rest assured it is possible to get the job done. When trying to determine which search engine optimization techniques will work best for your organization, sometimes it’s easier to initially focus on what not to do. Understanding a few common search engine optimization missteps (time wasters, etc.) can help provide a more easily manageable starting point for this promotional venture. Beginning with:


Using the “wrong” keywords: It’s no secret that keywords and keyword phrases are the cornerstone of any successful search engine optimization initiative. Make sure you and your team really put in the effort necessary to identify the best keywords for your online marketing campaign. Otherwise, you may find yourself spinning wheels without gaining much attention from your targeting consumer demographic.


Using the wrong words in general: While we’re at it, beyond the keywords, it’s important to remember that your search engine optimization campaign is going to incorporate a wide range on online content for your customers to read. Always post original, compelling content that will engage your readers without relying too heavily on industry specific jargon that won’t mean much to them.


Skipping anchor texts on keywords: Never (ever, ever!) rely on a “click here” in your search engine optimization content – it lends no SEO value at all. Instead, always rely on anchor texts attached to specific keywords. These links will help web browsers quickly identify what your page is about and help push it to the top of searches for optimal visibility.


Forgetting about your web design: All too often, businesses create a comprehensive search engine optimization campaign that directs readers (aka potential customers!) back to a low quality, dated web design. Never forget that your SEO approach should always dovetail your web design efforts!


Not optimizing URL’s: Your web pages play a critical role in your search engine optimization results. Always make sure that every URL you employ has been optimized effectively.


Ignoring the value of a PPC: Some businesses get so focused on “free” SEO tactics, that they lose sight of the value delivered by a well-designed pay per click campaign. Incorporating a PPC can help ensure that your business has a comprehensive approach that is maximizing near team and long term efforts – don’t skip it!


Neglecting web analytics: It’s critical to always have a steady focus on the results your SEO campaign is delivering. Don’t forget to set goals before the big unveil – and have a means to inspect exactly how your business is doing trying to achieve them.