In recent years, the term “algorithm” has received a whole lot of global press as well as a new modern meaning to business owners the world over. Once a term solely bandied about by the mathematically gifted amongst us, the word “algorithm” now instantly brings to mind search engine marketing and search engine optimization campaigns created around this fickle term’s current online preferences. Want to incite panic amongst the corporate masses heavily entrenched in search engine optimization strategies? Simply utter the “A” word with “Google” and “changing” in close proximity and watch the chaos ensue.


Why Browser Algorithms Have Gotten A Bad Rap


Because of its formidable online force (and yes, also because many of us don’t exactly understand all the programming that goes on behind the scenes!), the almighty algorithm has a scary, negative connotation associated with it that sends business owners scattering into a ‘the sky is falling’ frenzy. However, this is often an unnecessary reaction.


It’s important to remember that the main purpose of Google’s automated process is to keep everyone playing as nicely (aka as above board) as possible in the search engine marketing / search engine optimization sand box. Yes, those businesses that incorporate unethical/black hat search engine optimization / search engine marketing techniques should be concerned every time the browser giant tweaks its carefully calculated formula. However, those of us consistently delivering search engine marketing solutions that rely on quality, results-producing tactics have nothing to fear. In fact, modifying the current algorithm can instantly help weed out subpar search engine marketing tactics and reward the businesses that practice with principle. Three cheers for those of us that didn’t cut corners for a quick fix!


Upton Technology Group: We Offer Reputable Search Engine Marketing Solutions


At Upton Technology Group, our team of search engine marketing professionals knows how to deliver quality campaigns that adhere to the very highest criterion. We provide campaigns that not only consider current algorithm requirements, but also maintain above board standards to ensure minimal traction loss with every browser change.  We offer every customer:


Original Content: Our search engine marketing techniques incorporate only quality, original copy to ensure that the browsers will never flag your pages for peddling duplicate copy.


Authentic Content: Beyond fresh copy, our team will never arbitrarily “over-stuff” your final pieces just to receive a fast traffic swing that won’t last. Instead, we strategize the best keyword phrases for your organization and work them in naturally to avoid angering the algorithms!


Dynamic Copy: Pictures, backlinks and other white hat search engine marketing tactics can all help enrich your content and reassure the browsers that your business is the real thing so they’ll promptly deliver you to the top of the search results!


No matter what industry you’re currently operating in, teaming with Upton Technology Group for a customized search engine marketing solution means that you’ll never have to fear the “A” word again.