Do you currently have a business site that just isn’t getting the traffic needed to steal market share from the competition? Have you recently updated your web design but feel like you’re not sure how to get the word out to your customers? Sounds like you’re ready to implement a comprehensive website marketing plan that will target your company’s specific demographic while simultaneously helping the search engines notice your site amongst the sea of competitors vying for a little online attention.

But how does one best implement an online website marketing solution? Unless website marketing/web design is part of your core functionality, chances are you’re not exactly sure where to begin your plans. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone; the professional team at Upton Technology Group specializes in customized website marketing / search engine optimization to guarantee that our clients not only have a finished web design that informs and compels visitors, but also has the website marketing momentum needed to consistently broaden and strengthen their online brand.

If you’re ready to get down to business with your search engine marketing campaign, Upton Technology Group can help. We work with our customers using a specific website marketing checklist to ensure that every business gets the personalized touch they need to help their site rocket to the top of browser search. We use some of the following techniques:

Targeted Keywords: If your site is not currently optimized for industry relevant keywords, you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Upton Technology Group partners with you to understand your organization and then researches the most heavily searched keyword phrases for maximum return on investment.

Optimized Content: Once we’ve identified the best keyword phrases for your niche, we’ll revamp your web design content to ensure these words are used organically and naturally throughout. We provide quality, original content using the very latest search engine optimization techniques and NEVER stuff the content. This ensures your web design not only garners the attention of the browsers, but also appeals to every human reader that visits!

Updated Navigation Capability: All too often business miss the opportunity to boost their online visibility with their navigation capabilities. Upton Technology Group understands how to best index your existing site to leverage this powerful tool and maximize your efforts in this important area.

Key Directory Submission: Once your newly modified web design is complete, Upton Technology Group can submit your revamped site to the appropriate online directories to quickly help you build organic traffic.

Backlink Affiliation: It’s no secret that backlinks are one of the most power search engine optimization resources available. However, what is a bit of an enigma is how to successfully build affiliate relationships with organizations that will participate as part of your backlink strategy. Fortunately, Upton Technology Group understands how to align clients with appropriate businesses for optimal backlink results.

Analysis/Modification: Finally, Upton Technology Group recognizes that a successful website marketing strategy is never a one-time execution. In order to effectively and consistently command online attention, every site initiative needs to be carefully analyzed and modified as needed. We manage all analytics for our customers and can implement required changes to ensure a virtually instant fine tuning whenever necessary!