Companies first making their initial foray into online marketing often do so cautiously. Yes, buzzwords and phrases like “search engine optimization” and “search engine marketing” have saturated our promotional consciousness. However, when it comes to effectively incorporating these Internet advertorial initiatives into a comprehensive campaign, it’s hard to know where to begin.


Upton Technology Group: Search Engine Marketing Experts


At Upton Technology Group, we understand that one of the best ways for our customers to segue into the realm of search engine marketing tactics is by publishing distribution articles that showcase proven search engine optimization innovations. Carefully strategized based on client industry, relevant keywords/keyword phrases and current browser algorithms, our talented team of search engine optimization/search engine marketing specialists have the skill and know-how needed to help our partners quickly make an online impact. Using only quality, original content in each search engine optimization article helps our clients organically rise to the top of browser searches while simultaneously strengthening their business brand exposure and reach.


Matt Cuts from Google On Quality Content


Key Reasons Why Search Engine Optimization Articles Benefit Your Online Initiatives

If your business is currently working on its first search engine marketing campaign, we highly recommend considering tapping into the power of the SEO article. Still not convinced? Don’t take our word for it – understanding three critical benefits that a search engine optimization article can deliver to your team just may convince you that this critical search engine marketing component should be implemented into your online campaign ASAP! Every time you post an optimized article your business will enjoy:


Immediate “street cred”: Consistently posting fresh, relevant content is a great way for a business in any industry to establish itself as a seasoned, experienced organization that is planted firmly “in the know.” Every time we publish an SEO article as part of a search engine marketing strategy, our clients’ brand influence increases and furthers their image as a quality company that has something of value to offer to their targeted audience.


Backlink opportunities on every piece: Generating backlinks to your company’s website design is one of the most critical benefits that an SEO article will deliver. Every piece that Upton Technology Group publishes on our clients’ behalves maximizes backlink usage to ensure our customers receive the ultimate online publishing return on investment.


Tap into the power of an already existing, proven marketing channel: The polished professionals at Upton Technology Group are experts in the field of search engine marketing. We have the experience needed to ensure that our clients are utilizing the most established online content sites available for optimal promotional reach. Rather than spending time and spinning wheels with other promotional strategies, our customers’ pieces instantly go live on top ranking sites.


Most importantly, Upton Technology Group knows how to maintain a steady focus on your specific market niche. This helps to ensure that, every time your organization posts online, your business isn’t just reaching the most people, but also reaching the right people (aka prospective clients!) as well.