At Upton Technology Group, we understand that search engine marketing, when effectively employed and executed, marks a critical way for a business to promote itself through the use of online promotional methods. Used as an umbrella term that encompasses both free and fee associated tactics, search engine marketing incorporates techniques like SEO, pay per click and a slew of other organic and paid search advertising approaches. The team at Upton Technology Group uses search engine marketing with one simple goal in mind: to help a business rise to the top of search engine results and stay there.

Search Engine Marketing: One Half Of The Advertising Equation

While search engine marketing has successfully helped businesses in virtually every industry dominate browsers and keyword searches, it’s truly only part of the overall promotional puzzle. Yes, search engine marketing can help deliver an organization to the coveted top of the browser list. However, in order to not only achieve, but consistently sustain, that prized first place browser ranking, a business must also incorporate an intuitively optimized and engaging web design.

Key Components To Consider With Your Business Web Design

Not sure if your company’s web design is best prepared to complement its search engine marketing initiative? Fortunately, it’s never too late to update a web design to effectively interact with other online promotional efforts. The expert team at Upton Technology Group understands that incorporating a few critical web design options can help ensure that our clients’ new sites starts off with an advertorial bang as well as help an already existing site get on the proper promotional track. When strategizing a web design solution with our partners, Upton Technology Group always considers critical web design components such as:

Keyword Research: Upton Technology Group performs all analytical research to determine the most salient keywords and keyword phrases for each client. Once determined, we use these keywords as a foundation for all web design copy

Organic Content: Upton Technology Group only delivers original, quality content based on the strategically appointed keywords and phrases – we never opt for contrived and stuffed pieces to ensure our clients receive optimal and organic results

Backlinks: We research relevant partnerships to develop a backlink strategy to distribute organically throughout the site and as a reference on other websites to maximize search engine marketing success

Blogs: An ideal complement to any search engine marketing initiative, Upton Technology Group advocates incorporating a blog on our customers’ sites as a viable means to distribute fresh and updated copy to the search engines and human readers

Sitemaps: The staff of industry experts at Upton Technology Group recognizes that a sitemap is a critical search engine marketing tool that allows for optimal browser indexing and categorizing. We craft a customized sitemap option for each of our partners to get the best online marketing results possible

In short, while search engine marketing can direct viewer traffic to a particular site, only a comprehensively optimized web design will entice the consumer to click, peruse and, most importantly, purchase.