In today’s commercial marketplace, search engine marketing has become more than just a fringe promotional tool. Gone forever are the days where companies mostly only compete locally to gain the favor of patrons in their neck of the consuming woods. Instead, organizations today recognize that it’s a global economy and buyers are savvy. Understanding that their pool of targeted clientele has endless online resources available online with just a simple mouse click, businesses must use search engine marketing strategically to deepen brand recognition and stand out in the online crowd.

When it comes to search engine marketing success, companies may have a litany of action items and quantifiable objectives that they would like to achieve throughout the process. No matter how extensive the checklist, there truly is only one goal that always takes first priority; dominating the web browsers. All other perks and benefits reaped in the search engine marketing realm truly pale in comparison next to seeing your business name appear first for specific keyword searches.

Search Engine Marketing Success Enriches Indexing Potential

At Upton Technology Group, we know that in order to achieve and sustain that ever-elusive first slot in browser searches, having a thoroughly indexed web design is one of the most critical factors for success. By definition, indexing is simply the process that search engines employ to qualify the depth and relevance of content held on a particular site. Using specific algorithms, browser robots troll through online material and systematically rate its bearing on the keyword searches from a user.

Without a properly indexed web design, a company’s pages may get overlooked completely and diffuse all other search engine marketing efforts.  Throughout every search engine marketing campaign, Upton Technology Group works closely with our partners to ensure we deliver an optimized web design that maximizes indexing opportunity.

Why A Sitemap Should Be Part Of Your Web Design

One of the most effective ways to achieve an extensively indexed web design is through the use on a web sitemap. Put simply, a sitemap is a page housed on a company’s site that lists all other pages. Pages can be listed alphabetically or hierarchically and should include optimized, hyperlinked text.

The benefits of this simple page list has proven invaluable to search engine marketing efforts. Incorporating a sitemap as part of a company’s web design helps ensure that every single page will be detected and used when indexing online content to produce the best possible search results. While some businesses will only get their first and second pages considered by the robots, a sitemap helps make sure that every piece of your site is noted and included, exponentially increasing your company’s chances of getting to the top of returned results based on keywords specific to your business.

In addition to enriched indexing, using a sitemap as part of a business web design also offers navigational benefits to consumers that happen upon a company’s site. Never again will your patrons have to systematically and tedious work through every page trying to find exactly what they are looking for. Instead, a mere click on the easy to find sitemap tab displays everything your business offers with hyperlinked text. Users only have to click and they will be taken immediately to their desired page for complete ease of use and site navigation.