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The Importance Of Content For Website Marketing Success

Have you heard the phrase "content is king?" In today's website marketing world, content really is the most important factor in driving sales. More than ever before, you need to carefully manage what you put on your website, providing content…

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Good Website Content: Creating An FAQ Page That’s “Just Right”

Even Goldilocks knows that too much of a good thing isn't always good. If you're creating an FAQ page for your company's website, you'll need to find the balance between questions and answers that are too short to be helpful…

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Website Design: Choosing A Powerful Color Scheme

A winning website design will increase interest in what your company has to offer because it conveys a compelling message about who you are and what your company stands for. In many cases, businesses put a lot of thought and…

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Usability: Is Your Website Design User Friendly?

An awesome website has to do more than just look pretty. It also has to have more going for it than great content or savvy website marketing. Many beautifully designed websites tank on the Internet because they simply aren't user…

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Website Design: Communicating Clearly With Your Website Designer

Hiring a website designer to create a new or updated version of your website - or create a completely new site for your growing business is a serious undertaking. If you want your website to truly reflect your company vision…

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Fonts And Website Design: The Importance Of The Right Text

When designing a website, many people think about the graphics and colors first and only worry about fonts when they're ready to actually post the content on the website. Sadly, this common practice often leads to website designs that look…

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Search Engine Marketing Through Searchers Eyes: Understanding the Motives And Habits Of Searchers

Millions of individuals use search engines every day to research anything from local movies to government policy. With such a ready-made audience, search engine marketing has become a billion dollar industry, yet some companies don't feel they get an appropriate…

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Avoiding Common Search Engine Marketing Traps

Search engine marketing and search engine optimization of your website is a key element of building a successful brand and creating an online presence. Despite this, many people spend thousands of dollars creating a website, then skimp on the website…

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Small Stuff Counts: Don’t Neglect Regional Markets When Deciding On A Search Engine Marketing Program

When people think about local search engine marketing, if they think about it at all, they generally assume that their regional search engine marketing is fine if they've remembered to add a few pages to their site that are optimized…

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Crafting Meta Descriptions That Really Work

Search engines have become more complex, creating new algorithms and formulas regularly in order to try and improve the relevance and accuracy of search engine results. An unfortunate side effect to this is that many website marketing pros have begun…

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